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Must Do’s
  • Stay alive.✔  – keeping up, but seriously unmotivated to work….
  • Get a driving license. – strange, with the high car prices, i should be getting driving lessons easily, but i cant seem to put my mind to even take the BTT….will put this off for this year.
  • Continue keeping an accurate account of expenditures.✔ PocketMoney on iphone rox!!!.
  • Rework budget based on last yr expenditures and keep to it.✘I’m overspending and breaking my budget!!!
  • Run 2.4km weekly.✘simply too lazy….
  • [NEW] Write another full fledged GUI program using Perl / TK Python on the raspberry-pi – gonna spend time on this!!!!

Good to have’s

  • CCNA – not interested in Networking Cert.
  • Veritas Clustering or RHEV course.
Watching this!!! did u manage to spot the factual error in this video?


the above sentence is most probably wrong.
yup my particles still sux…conjugation of forms is in a mess, totally dun remember most of the kanji pronunciation.

but in the end i still managed to pass jlpt5, at least i managed to fulfill another goal of 2011.
feeling lazy everyday. will try to find a opportunity to collect the cert…

Heart melt

Yui Aragaki

no vege in office…
was watching Ranma 1/2 Live Motion tele-movie, she starred as akane… my heart melted

2012’s Resolution

Must Do’s
  • Stay alive.
  • Get a driving license.
  • Continue keeping an accurate account of expenditures.
  • Rework budget based on last yr expenditures and keep to it.
  • Run 2.4km weekly.

Good to have’s

  • CCNA

2 weeks into my new job


I’ve started december with lotsa of expectation and hopes that my new job will be meaningful.

well, im now administrating ESXi, redhat and windows servers for derivatives and securities middle and back office.
i think that sounds meaningful enough.

not forgetting to mention the exposure in financial technology sector that will be beneficial for my career.


was so unfortunate to be caught up in thursday’s mrt breakdown. luckily i missed the prior train that was stuck in the tunnel. so i managed to disembark at raffles place and changed to the NEL from outram park to dhoby ghaut and walked to orchard for my jap class….i was an hour late….

since its the end of the yr, i guess it makes sense to do a review of goals set earlier.

1) JLPT 5 taken the exam, did badly for the grammar section. probably gonna fail….
2) RHCE6 yup, got my RHCE 🙂
3) Driving License gonna start after my final term of japanese class
4) Save up an additional $20000 in part thanks to the lucrative job at sfdc.
5) attempt to go gym at 6am at least once a week… i tried going after work. but since leaving my previous job. i had not gone to the gym for 1 month. the nearest gym at my new workplace is fitnessfirst platinum…it has a $150/month membership fee…. it’s just too costly.

la tristesse durera toujours

I never knew this song was a tribute to Vincent Van Gogh.

After 3 months of job hunting, finally managed to secure a new job. the job sounds tough, not too sure how it will go.

seems that christmas is around the corner. dont u think a starry night is wonderful for this christmas

and wait for the sunrise, next morning

or end up like the sorrowful old man

feeling like this old pair of boots, the feeling of  being discarded.

taking leave, no calls for a better job, playing minesweeper.

i am trying to get a job with office hours,  good pay and great benefits right after i got my RHCE. thou it seems it is not appreciated just like any other IT certs. there were a few jobs that mentioned the RHCE as a requirement, but the pay was only like $3k. i was feeling wtf lor.

took leave for this week till next Thursday. i cant even choose to clear my leave on the dates i want to.

and the greatest achievement today… completed minesweeper on ubuntu11.04

went to neway ktv in jb, it really rox, plenty of songs, good sound systems, most imptly its cheaper compared to singapore, its about $9.57 for about 4 hrs after currency conversion.
but next time i’ll try teo heng ktv in sembawang SC when it opens!!


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