my yuin pk2 died 3 days ago….:(

the cable snapped; was looking for a good replacement, but all the ear buds  i sampled cant win the pk2……

decided to try using portable headphones for a change, wasn’t too thrilled to get something over $100. if it cost over $100, i might as well get a pair of yuin again , after some research i stumbled on the PortaPro;

KOSS PortaPro

a product that has since survived the disco era of the 80’s, pop dance of the 90’s and horrible R&B in 00’s.

coincidentally i saw a passerby wearing the same earphone after i bought it;

Describing the sound

Focus seems to jump into the deep bass;  bassheads will love this headphone

but the bass seems to make the clarity of the music fade out of the bass. in this case the bass seems to be equal standing to the “front of the music”; i would have preferred the bass to be a “backgrounder”

in respect to sound staging there is still a far distance from yuin pk2’s well balanced sound or the clarity of grado’s SR60.

Overall rating : 3.625/5 A good beginning on the path of audiophile!

Sound clarity and depth 3.5/5 : Not very clear separation of Sound Stage

Bass 4.5/5 : For Extra Strong Bass without crackng

Portability 3.5/5:Errm for headphones;  portability would be always an issue ,but since PortaPro is foldable, it betta than most .

Comfort 3/5: i find the foam to thin.

Signature sound

This pair of headphone is ultimately good for songs where the main rhythm is driven deep bass

or where there the music arrangement of the song is very orderly. so to compensate for its lack of clarity in highly complex arrangements

i bought this for its good sound quality , apparent heritage and geek factor!!!

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