more specifically, a pdf reader.
yesh, in the midst of at least 10 other e-readers.
eslick is damn 拽.
it only supports pdf and txt files whereas the 10 others support a goddamn stack of other formats
the reason is because it’s made by foxit.

yesh the goddamn company that beat the shit out of adobe reader at building a better PDF viewer.

why did i choose it over other readers.
1. cause its 拽. hahaha.

2. i prefer pdfs.

3. i dun like any products that supports encrypted mediums.

4. im buying a ereader to read “free” stuffs, i am not going to be tied in a e-market to buy $9.99 books.

5. its the cheapest in term of functions provided (not exactly sure, but definitely cheaper than a Sony.)

6. the lack of additional buttons makes it more 拽. since for me reading a normal book only consist of the actions -> browsing forward, backward, jumping to page and bookmarks. i do not need 10 buttons for the above rite?

7. reflow. dont wanna read cramped text, just reflow it.

but i must admit there are flaws with the eslick.
1. battery life of around 1 week (approximate 2hrs of use per day.), not impressive battery life at all.

2. hung twice when i first used it. but has not occurred since. is it a weird bug or a disaster of bad firmware waiting to happen, only time will tell

3. requirements of next firmware is still likely to be bug fixes (at least they are bothered on fixing bugs), but in the last update, it regressed and introduced a bug in the reflow function( return carriage character is not replaced by a “space”, so a reflowed pdf ends up with words from the next paragraph joined likethis).

But Overall, i am very very satisfied. Definitely, Best buy of the year.Cost

SGD463.41 + $38 GST

more info??


July 2020


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