A true story i saw with my own eyes!!!

Shocking truth, maybe not for you…. but i have not heard anything worst.
this is the type unethical tricks that are still played on IT contractors.

how would you feel if you were made to work 7am to 7pm, followed by the next shift 7pm to 7am, followed by the next shift 9am to 6pm, followed by the next shift 7pm to 7am….

Working 45hrs for 2 days.
2 days=48 hrs…
45/48hrs spent working.

NO Off-in-lieu,
Simple reason given is : Non-compliance == insubordination.

it is no longer about the love of one’s job, or dedication to one’s ideal…. that the poor singaporean was forced to take the offer “voluntarily” or face a pay cut;
mind you this is a MNC and not those local SME with a draconian boss.

Why ???, how can a MNC have such a poor system of checks and balances.
Dun even ask….its a can of live worms with no expiry date on it.

The Supporting Casts
How can any great show be without its supporting casts. they hi-light the drama and bring forward the plot to greater excitement.
they plot and scheme trying to steal the show away, while playing along, sitting on the fence.

of course some infomation of the attributes of the lackeys hired

JD for position of lackey
Good to have attributes for being a lackey

  • Professionalism – remembering to use spelling check before sending email to fuck people
  • Team orientation – ability to steer whole team to certain doom, thru bad judgement and decisions
  • Problem-solving and Decision-making – pushing faults to other people,when they seem unsure on the root cause of the problem.
  • Communication and Listening – look out for discontent amongst own department and reporting back to boss.
  • Result-focused – as long as you can force people to quit before the are eligible for any bonus. Thats all that matters.
  • Continuous learning – ability to surf net though appearing as working.
  • Customer-focused – being able to lie thru the teeth to the customer.
  • Organizational knowledge – identify and suck-up to MD, AVP and VP.
  • Team leadership – accept work on behalf of others, then delegate the work to them, finally claiming credit for work that you delegated.
  • Continuous improvement and Innovation – Working hard leads nowhere, take some courses to facilitate job-hopping and make the company pay for it.
  • Business knowledge – you are in the business of blame sharing, just nod your head and recieve the warning letter.
  • Change management – Sorry, the management will not be changed until they are retiring. so you must have the patience.

As you can see from the Job Description, moral integrity and righteousness are not needed….hmmmm this reminds me of a 成语story of 指鹿为马.

of course i observed that the only work skills required are

  • willing to be verbally fucked.
  • willing to verbally fuck other people.
  • willing to be verbally fucked then go verbally fuck other people.

Of course would you sell your morals for a $5000 a month salaried job…..maybe, maybe not…….
i wouldn’t know the price of your morality.



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