a very Good afternoon to you Yowe55

its an honour for us for you to attend this interview on piakpiak.com, well okay we’ll move rite into business then…

piakpiak >it seems that you have been stating that you are jobless since 2004, despite being highly educated, it there any particular reason for this?

yowe55 >I have made the right choice standing by my ideal job requirement.I will not submit to a job which I wont feel happy in

piakpiak > ok then, what are your ideal job requirements

yowe55 > my ideal job requirement will be
1. work from home
2. ability to conduct my own test/experiment/technical stuff within my own chartered time frame
3. producing high level quality work than producing quantity work
The min. pay scale should be 5k SGD and above.

piakpiak > thats some pretty tall requirements, have you ever thought of lowering the requirements?

yowe55 > I just insist that the job has to fit to my requirement and I believe with absolute confidence that I am not far away from my ideal job.

piakpiak > so this results you being jobless till now

yowe55 > yes but i am considering applying as 4th Generation Leader in the government

piakpiak > changing to another battlefield to lose?

yowe55 > When did I begin the game of comparing – win, lose or deal? I have never compare

piakpiak > its compared not compare…so whats the plan for your campaign.

yowe55 > Anyway, I have never claim to have good english. You can carry on picking out on my grammar and vocabularly.

yowe55 > but I am targeting at Potong Pasir mainly due to the fact that Mr. Chiam has aged, and needs capable person to run the constitutency.

piakpiak > hmmmm, sorry on commenting on your English, but regarding potong pasir, thats a good point regarding the age.. but on the part on your capability …im not to sure on that

yowe55 > There are always extraordinary people with exceptional background. I am one of them

piakpiak > background as an loser??

yowe55 > A typical singapore-style jurisdication judgement passed on me.Unless proven innocent, one already being convicted/sentenced.

piakpiak > doesn’t being jobless since year 2004 equals to a loser??

yowe55 > I dun wan to be dictate by my qualification and work.I live my own style.

piakpiak > sounds stupid for an excuse not to work

yowe55 > dun resort to address people “stupid” or “idiot”.That is a derimental statement.
Anyway, “you” reserves the rights.

yowe55 > Nobody is stupid.There are only silly people. There are no stupid or idiot in this world.

piakpiak > derimental??…Oki oki, lets not turn it to an argument..

piakpiak > considering you are elected and in parliament.what would be your first suggestion to parliament

yowe55 > If I am elected into the offices, I will abolish RP. Singaporean need a 4th Generation Leader to change the

landscape that this nation currently facing. To begin with, I have had said – I will also tighten the influx of foreign talents in

piakpiak > What the fuck!!!! you are a fucking racist bastard..

yowe55 > the foreign talents will still be required and an integrate part of singapore culture – to assist in building more buildings.

piakpiak > regarding RP?

yowe55 > The objective is to streamline the process, and to effectively channel the resources to other needy ministries and departments.

piakpiak > What process….what about the students…

piakpiak > sigh!

piakpiak > seems your policies are as controversial as you are

yowe55 > you will need to adopt a ZEN attitude and philiosophy in government-related environment.


piakpiak > enough discussion on politics, its getting nowhere

Start of Intermission

End of Intermission

piakpiak > i am curious how do you survive day to day without a job?

yowe55 > I have always ensure I am not walking beyond 1km within my residential area.

piakpiak > what matter of logic is that

yowe55 > what i meant is I have been living simple and frugal lifestyle yet an interesting and informative one.

piakpiak > you are an in-home personnel?

yowe55 > Yes I have been leading a healthy and quality lifestyle since year 2004, and shall be continue doing so till the day I part this world.

piakpiak > i mean even by living a frugal lifestyle no one could last 4 years.

yowe55 > I aint rich. I have been living off with my past savings and allowances since year 2004.

piakpiak > Seriously without a job does gals look down on you??

yowe55 > I have never had a girlfriend in my life.I am also a virgin.

piakpiak > i never ask on the status of your virginity…..

piakpiak > any way i see you are a fan of saf attire,what was you vocation in NS

yowe55 > I have been wearing SAF shorts since year 2004.I have never wear a jean, as it cost.
I was a platoon sergeant for Singapore Armed Forces, commanding a strength of 150 Strong men.

piakpiak > most impressive Yowe55, why dun you sign on…i mean with you high standard of education and proven NS record?

yowe55 > This shows that you have faith and foresight in me, my capability and ability.

piakpiak > NO NO NO thats not what i meant!!

Editor’s Note—At this precise instance Yowe55 spun into a trance-like state and started blabbering about his political ideals,benefits of freedom of speech,benefits of frugality and the future of Singapore under his leadership…..

for the best interest of the on site reporter. A retrograde command was issued!



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