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:( money issues at home, getting my RHCE :)

i finally know what it feels like to be happy and sad at the same time. i’m sure it does not cancel out each other.

starting with the sad news, my mom got into debt through gambling…now i need to pay it off….its not the first time, definitely not the last too. i guess i’ll never be rich if life carries on in this manner…

jumping to the good news!!!! i got my rhce cert 🙂 i was really nervous when i took the test. The previous night when news broke that my mum is in debt, i was still mugging for the test. i guess i’m really a cold-hearted person, all i wanted was to get the cert. before i slept, i was still telling myself if i let issues in life put me down, i would be no different than any other losers on the street.

at the end of the day this is all that matters


Saving up for the inevitable

The recent market dip has seriously tempted me to increase my position on singpost. According to the time proven recession and crisis life cycle, it seems not the best time to buy.

1997/1998 Asia monetary crisis
1999 Bailout, markets recovers
2001/2002 dotcom recession
2005/2006 global interest rate spike to fix recession, too much money to go around, markets booms.
2007/2008 derivative instruments consumes money. great financial crisis
2009 Bailout, markets recovers
2011/2012 US debt crisis, recession looming
2015/2016 Interest rates raised
2017/2018 too much money to go around, markets rally.

I can’t foresee what happens, another path would be a period of slow but surely continued growth for 20 yrs, just like after the great depression.

But im either scenario, Now I need to find a good way to grow cash from 2012 to 2015. Stocks has too much underside and I have a sufficient position on it, I do not feel comfortable to incur large paper loss when compared to dividend gains.

Guess the likely choice is to hold my dividend yielding stocks, wait for the interest rates to spike, which causes the bond price to drop in turn increasing yield and regain the bond position I sold off in 2008.

Korean BBQ, cinnamon tea


Quite a pricey dinner yesterday, around $50. Tasty and fresh though. The cinnamon tea served at the end of the meal was great, wonder where can I buy it?


Finally cleared my backlog of homework, tomorrow is a good day to start L30 homework.

Going to get a drink at 7-11 after 怒火街头.

Feeble mind

The Feeling of my mind being trapped in a box is so strong.
Have I reached the limits of my capabilities, yet I feel I have achieved so little in life.
Is this the furthest I go.


Watching futurama on netflix

tidied up my table

Just finished cleaning up my room. Big cleanup since CNY. Finally figure out how to utilize my excess 1 Mbps mobile data plan, tethered it from my old Nokia to the mbp, uploading all my song to google music beta



1am, oh the hollowness of the night.

on a side note……

this video clearly reflects my political preference

another quarter has passed.

Time seems to fly. harder and harder to blog. nothing to say, nothing to wonder, everything seems to be the same.

the same results from the same pursuits.

交了愛情的白卷必須要重考 要作弊也好 要留級也好 欠了愛情的債 就別再逃跑 這次還不了 下次雙倍繳 演了愛情戲沒拿最佳男主角 這種肥皂劇 有誰會投票 斷了愛情路 以為遠走天高 撞到鬼打墻 躲也躲不了 相處有那麼難嗎? 愛有比較簡單嗎? 學校老師沒教嗎? 老師剛剛才離婚 喔.~~ 我愛你 你愛我 為了把到手 每天說 相處久 原形露 原來卸完妝 是恐龍 并不是以貌取人 做人就誠實很基本 但是我看那女孩 臉上油漆一層層 男生 也好不到哪里去 尿尿 就是要滴出馬桶外 睡覺 打呼比雷打還吵 誰也受不了 常常為了小事發脾氣 像是整理房間的鳥事 用完的杯子也不洗 看完的片子也不收 吃完的雞排也不丟 豬朋狗友也不走 住在一起是為什麼 難道這就是找罪受 戀愛就像學問 當然也有些天分 聰明的人戀愛不一定及格 傻瓜的人也許對女生一百分 要幾分 才符合對方的標準? 才是所謂的好男人 人生必修學分 分了又合 合了又分 好像是賭徒的命運 一去不回的爛命運 雖然愛情不能當做三餐來吃 但少了它你的人生黯淡無光

managed to complete my basic japanese…..although i only managed to retain about 40% 😦  failed the end of course test haha :(. but shamelessly moving on to intermediate course hahaha.  dunno whether to cry or laugh 🙂 😦


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