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Failed hoot

Arrrgh, I bought a IDE-usb converter from video pro, once I plugged it In, my pc died within 3secs. I suspect the power adaptor is fucked up and blown some components on my board

screwed up china product

[Update]Its official….my pc is dead….#@#$%@!!!

IT show 2010

Singtel Promoters

Making my way to the IT show, even if I have nothing in mind to purchase, it is a ritual that nonetheless must be performed.


Of course, I am saddened by the fact that CHC has acquired a stake in the Suntec convention centre. No one knows what will be next, the burden for me to attend the IT show in a location with such overt CHC presence gives me the little to look forward to. Prob this will be my last visit

Half a year ago I was still holding suntec REIT shares, it’s price rose to a very comfortable level to sell it all, and i did. I just cannot comprehand how CHC is able to acquire a majority stake in suntec convention.

Every knows they are good at harvesting donations. But using donation money to substain a debt funded acquisition of a place of worship. Maybe the proclaimed 30000 strong herd will buy it some time. But I believe good economic sense will fix it.草长了就要剪。what we need is another good scandal.


Was on the lookout for a good set of earphones but as usual the conditions were not suitable for any sampling to be done

It's a Sony

The only booth which caught my eyes was the 3d experience booth from sony; apart from the hot showgals giving the presentation. The showcase for 3d tv was the most interactive activity to happen in the IT shows for years.

Apart from that, nothing spectacular, no good offers either.

Sony's 3D showcase

eBOOK reader

not good at all, most of the smaller (cheaper) ebook readers were slow and have poor functionality. A lack of pdf reflow is very obvious due to the poor hardware and software

ebook reader

not as good as my foxit eslick

Some wacky toys

A toy whose fundamental concept is based on vibration.


Headed to Jaben and sampled the Mylar HR1, wasn’t that good. the sales assistant mentioned the need for an portable amp, totally not suitable for my needs.  Skipped the thought after comparing with my yuin pk2.

Received a call from mr toh. met up at the city hall control station. and the long detour back home begins.

the long detour

to the end of the esplanade

Had dinner finally at 御宝restaurant, a crystal jade clone.


after dinner we trekked to Selegie for  Rocher Beancurd. that was quite lame but was still a good form of workout.

thus this ends the very uneventful IT Show 2010 for me. nothing much, nothing great. adieu, adios, goodbye


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