Sometimes i cannot help to feel that i love super-femmes, and they like butches….

In general, femmes are seen to be almost identical to heterosexual women, apart from their sexual orientation, although some respondents suggest that femmes are more daring, edgy, or “garang” (Malay for “fierce”) than straight women. While it is unusual for butches to display non-masculine behaviours and traits, femmes who carry out masculine behaviours are still considered femmes. They may range from the extremely feminine lesbian (variously described as the super-femme or ultra-femme) who Rita suggested would have “lipstick, makeup all the time, dressing very feminine, the way she walks, the way she behaves”, to the “tomboyish” femme who may prefer wearing jeans and a t-shirt, but they are not divided according to their “level” of femininity. There are no specific labels to separate less or more
feminine femmes. Charissa attempted to explain what makes her girlfriend a femme: “It’s like she doesn’t have flowers all over her shirt, or she doesn’t like, always wear tight jeans all the time. She likes to wear t-shirts and shorts and very loose-fitting clothes. But it’s all the, it’s in the small things, like the type of slippers she chooses, or like, how she wears her hair, and how she takes effort in picking out the appropriate bra for the appropriate dress, that sort of thing.”However, femmes The word “active” may also be used to describe the romantically or sexually aggressive half of a couple. could be categorized by who they were attracted to. Natasha, Katherine and Frances, who subscribed to the labels, were the only respondents who did this. Femmes who are attracted to other femmes were
described as “pure lesbians” (PLs), while femmes attracted to butches were either simply “femmes” or occasionally “passives”.
There is however, a clear differentiation between a femme and a “straight girl”. The latter refers to (feminine) women who are currently in a relationship with a (usually masculine) lesbian. It is not necessarily a fling, as there is the possibility of the relationship continuing for a long period of time, but these “straight girls” do not consider themselves lesbians. Katherine noted that most of her past girlfriends have been “straight girls”: “they’re straight girls, I convert them for a while, and then after that they go back in [to straight relationships]… and they never have another girly – feminine sexual encounter ever again… And if someone asks them, so are you straight? They usually go like, yeah. I’m just the exception… they don’t identify themselves with any of these categories, they don’t identify themselves as lesbians at all.”

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