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tough tough tough, i have been attending a few interviews. the first was a contract position with GIC, that didn’t turn out too well, and one with STmicroelectronics, that was pretty sucky.
went for another with amazon, was a dc tech position, i probably wasn’t really qualified as dc technician, i dun know if i am under or over qualified.
the next one was with savvis, duh… its another shift job, cant believe my unluckiness. wasn’t really interested with them, but anyway i wasn’t offered too. i guess it works both ways.

the upcoming one is with temasek polytechnic. the job scope sounds meaningful, but few issues are whether my salary is within their budget and is my unisim degree recognized……it seems in all likelihood i will be dropped.
hope the second interview occurs….

it seems jobs are kinda rare now, 1 week ago, my company opened up a position for an system administrator. plenty of IT “talents” applied after they were sacked from banks like deutsch and citi , the pay was around sgd 6000 to 6500.
they most likely got in thru the bank’s employee referral system with help from people of the same race and creed that was rampant during the mini boom of 2010, too bad for them. the show is over for the investment bank IT ops industry.
i dun know how long will it take the market to absorb those sacked, this frickin affects me, because they are looking for the same sysadmin type of jobs like me.

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September 2012


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