national day?

national day is coming ; this is my nation ar?

time to utilize some of my citizen’s benefits…ohh wait…i dun have any.

😦 YOG; where got time, for this type of rat-shit.

Time to save more money… inflation index going up again due to property prices rising for the past 24 months due to severe in-balance in population demand vs housing supply.

does the prices of food and services tie to the price of my neighbor’s hdb flat sales price???

don’t make sense rite, of course it makes sense, any reason to raise price is a good reason. but as prices increase, doesn’t it make the product sold less attractive. but its ok, they can always cut the wages of the people involved

its so crowded…surrounded with people richer than me.

if u wanna pay $5 for a meal, u dun get a seat.

if u wanna pay $50 for a meal, u dun get a seat, but u can join a queue to wait

if u wanna pay $100 for a meal, u still dun get a seat, u will need to reserve in advance.

oh wait.. it not about the money. its about relationships. (do u ever see guest of honor needing to queue, the queue will be dispersed b4 they arrive

i remember a time in singapore. pulling strings through relationships is taboo (it happens but ppl dun brag that got the job thru knowing xxx or yyy, but now it seems to be an honor, a norm).. it no longer socially correct to get in by what your abilities are, rather the value of relationships (aka who you know) or simply being dirt-cheap. is preferred.

i’m not a ace, i always hang around the 50% mark. people are always overtaking me, but thats fine. at least it’s their own effort

it changed. somehow. i vaguely remember that the national pledge has meritocracy listed in it. upon scrutinizing it,

it didn’t…i totally dun remember anything about the pledge YiPEEEEEee…can i convert to PR/S-pass now? but wait, i like re-service, i take it as a paid vacation from mindef. (where in the world where u will be required to imagine the figure 15 target board is someone u hate, set the rifle to auto, squeeze the trigger and smell the burnt gunpowder)

i did notice the words “to build” is in the pledge. so that means it was never a society based on justice and equality, neither is happiness, prosperity and progress guaranteed. it has to be built.. so year 2010 is the realization of the national pledge. mathematically more happy citizens are added in, people are speaking of months and months of bonuses coming up and progress is almost a certainty in singapore, although changing the assessment  of progress is an accepted norm nowadays.

ohhh and the flooding. let me guess the root cause. theres always a stack of compounded issues but im trying to guess the most major cause

instead of draining the water to the sea (katong area, east coast, west coast), they retain the water to the central canals ( braddell, bukit timah, orchard) toward the barrage. but the central canals iirc is much smaller than the ones in the east. i am now eagerly anticipating the 1st orchard road dragon boat festival.



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