a simple 2017!!!


  • Repay Mortgage from savings. ( Savings are on track 🙂 )
  • Go only for Bond discounted due to interest rate rising on SGS bonds or Dividend Stocks (non-reit) whose price dropped. (Yield still low, waiting for interest rate to raise)
  • Save up for down-payment to replace car due Oct 2019 (need to build additional $10k/pa cash flow to afford a car) plough down on investments a better approach? COE price is still dropping.
  • Get a Taxi Vocational driving license. Not too sure if being a taxi driver is suitable
  • Leave home for work at 0640. started slacking after wedding dinner, getting lazy 😦
  • Save up for Rolex Explorer I 🙂 too extravagant, the watch seems to big for my wrist. maybe i could carry a seiko better.



  • Swim once a week ( yes 😎 )
  • Play Basketball or Gym once a week
  • Perform health check-up once available ( yes 😎 ) SAF style



  • Bake bread twice a week (also get a cool rack for the bread) (Getting lazy 😦 )
  • Follow and complete housework routine (Getting lazy 😦 )
  • Baking Soda to replace laundry detergent ( yes 😎 )
  • Orange Peel Enzyme to replace other cleaning detergent ( yes 😎 )



  • Budget for Upgrading PC ( Addtional SSD, SteamLink, Graphics Card gtx1060) PC broke, emergency replacement made.
  • DIY a lap board for couch gaming. bought one from ikea, latency from streaming and display resolution isnt as good as expected for online games.
  • Rework my aquarium with arduino spent money on normal setup 😦
  • OMG, i got a kindle from black friday sales 2016. So much books to read. i broke the battery, but im reading so much more.



  • Master SED and AWK




2016 to-do’s

-max out CPF MA

-save spare cash for CPF topup then SRS topup makes more sense to repay mortgage

-find additional income. (start small) (try selling aquarium lighting??) FAILED

-plan a trip to Bali with Dear

-redo aquarium lighting   Fitted new LED strip but did not replace hipower led spotlight 😦

-attend a electrician course using skill futures funding completed a electrical course 🙂

-track SGS 10 year benchmark and if interest is greater than 2.5% , reserve $$$ to purchase SSB 1-2 months late it went to 2.4% and i went in.

-tighten financial chart, tighten flow of money

Review of 2015

whew  for 2015 , i felt like I caught a breather in life.

-got married 🙂

-bought a condo, emptied my cpf :0


-Found a idea camping spot for my career. i hope to get increments while waiting for a better opportunity.

-finally drafted a money plan based on a highly coordinated cash-flow routine. 🙂

-made additional savings into SRS 🙂

-100K 🙂 left and steadily increasing 🙂



  • create a  user guide to use Linux Mint Debian to access the company’s corporate systems.✘
  • set aside $3000 to “play” warrants.✘
  • swim weekly.✘
  • attain IPPT silver before next ICT.✘
  • sell more innovative products online.✘

haha oops… nothing was achieved for 2014 😦

mid yr review!!!

Must Do’s
  • Continue keeping an accurate account of expenditures.✔ – started slacking this month..gotta keep up.
  • Rework budget based on last yr expenditures and keep to it.✘ – overspending again.
  • Run 2.4km weekly.✘
  • Swim weekly.✔
  • completed raid5 zfs backup to crashplan.✔

Good to have’s

  • Learn to use Puppet, open source configuration management tool ✘
  • Write another a full fledged GUI program using Perl or Python on the raspberry-pi 😦 ✘
  • do a complete LVM backup of application disk. ✘

Sometimes i cannot help to feel that i love super-femmes, and they like butches….

In general, femmes are seen to be almost identical to heterosexual women, apart from their sexual orientation, although some respondents suggest that femmes are more daring, edgy, or “garang” (Malay for “fierce”) than straight women. While it is unusual for butches to display non-masculine behaviours and traits, femmes who carry out masculine behaviours are still considered femmes. They may range from the extremely feminine lesbian (variously described as the super-femme or ultra-femme) who Rita suggested would have “lipstick, makeup all the time, dressing very feminine, the way she walks, the way she behaves”, to the “tomboyish” femme who may prefer wearing jeans and a t-shirt, but they are not divided according to their “level” of femininity. There are no specific labels to separate less or more
feminine femmes. Charissa attempted to explain what makes her girlfriend a femme: “It’s like she doesn’t have flowers all over her shirt, or she doesn’t like, always wear tight jeans all the time. She likes to wear t-shirts and shorts and very loose-fitting clothes. But it’s all the, it’s in the small things, like the type of slippers she chooses, or like, how she wears her hair, and how she takes effort in picking out the appropriate bra for the appropriate dress, that sort of thing.”However, femmes The word “active” may also be used to describe the romantically or sexually aggressive half of a couple. could be categorized by who they were attracted to. Natasha, Katherine and Frances, who subscribed to the labels, were the only respondents who did this. Femmes who are attracted to other femmes were
described as “pure lesbians” (PLs), while femmes attracted to butches were either simply “femmes” or occasionally “passives”.
There is however, a clear differentiation between a femme and a “straight girl”. The latter refers to (feminine) women who are currently in a relationship with a (usually masculine) lesbian. It is not necessarily a fling, as there is the possibility of the relationship continuing for a long period of time, but these “straight girls” do not consider themselves lesbians. Katherine noted that most of her past girlfriends have been “straight girls”: “they’re straight girls, I convert them for a while, and then after that they go back in [to straight relationships]… and they never have another girly – feminine sexual encounter ever again… And if someone asks them, so are you straight? They usually go like, yeah. I’m just the exception… they don’t identify themselves with any of these categories, they don’t identify themselves as lesbians at all.”

{from : http://scholarbank.nus.edu.sg/bitstream/handle/10635/23775/Pamela%20Devan%20Masters%20Thesis.pdf?sequence=1}

So Kewt



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